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[Civic Space] Beyond the Ballot Box: Building Inclusive Civic Space
  • Dec 15, 2021
  • 21:00 - 23:00 KST
Aidan Eyakuze

I am excited to participate in this session and to learn about concrete ways to widen civic space around the world. Tough but do-able!

Manuel Castrillo Durán

The task of fostering and empowering citizens is necessary and cannot be postponed. In learning for all and strengthening actions.

Meghan Wallace

OGP's Civic Space Fact Sheet is a great starting resource that looks at global progress and member-level examples of open government work in civic space: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Civic-Space-Fact-Sheet.pdf

Glencorse Blair

Looking forward to this and hearing from our amazing speakers!

Mia Katan

Welcome / Bienvenue / Bienvenido/a! / 어서 오십시오!

Keonwoo Park


hoyoung son


David Goessmann

--> You can access the new OECD Open Government Dashboard (beta-version) which includes useful data on the protection of civic space here here: https://www.oecd.org/governance/open-government-dashboard/

hoyoung son


Ken Coghill

We must acknowledge in our thoughts and actions that at its core civil society is about the more equitable distribution of power and as such is seen by those holding power as threatening their privileges.

Yoonjung Jang


Suhyeon KIM


Eunkyoung KWAK

hi there

Yoonjung Jang

good opinion

Mia Katan

Please let us know if you have any questions for today's panelists.

Rob Davidson

Thank Lysa for pointing out the language around civic space and public participation can be full of "Big Words" and the need to unpack.

Buckley Stephen

OGP has not been transparent and inclusive in its new "Co-creation Standards" about why it will drop the most widely used model for describing the levels of Public Participation. See the "Spectrum of Public Participation" (1990) -- https://iap2canada.ca/foundations

Badru Juma Rajabu

Its nice to learn that this session is somehow related to my work at Restless Development that seeks to support Young people, particularly young women and people living with a disability to be at the center of development and government processes and ensuring they are driving accountability and responsiveness from the government informed by Youth led research.

Cerdan Verastegui Alonso

Hi Stephen, thank you for your comment. The new participation and co-creation standards consolidated the old 60 standards into a set of 5 new Standards that address the key aspects for robust OGP participation, and that are underpinned by overarching principles of transparency, inclusion, participation, accountability and innovation and ambition.

Cerdan Verastegui Alonso

We decided to remove proxies in order to be transparent about the minimum requirements for all members. We also launched for the first time the https://ogpconsultation.org/ website to gather inputs.

Cerdan Verastegui Alonso

You can see more about the development of the new standards here: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/stories/help-us-finalize-the-ogp-co-creation-and-participation-standards/ and about the results of our final consultation process here: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/stories/what-we-heard-from-the-ogp-standards-consultation/

Session Description

In the wake of 15 years of declining democracy trends, join us to discuss how reformers around the world are standing their ground and pushing back against narrowing civic space, from protests against police brutality in Nigeria, to community organising against digital surveillance in Mexico. This session will consider a wide range of emerging threats, including the improper use of emergency powers, widespread digital surveillance, and encroachments on press freedom. We’ll discuss ideas for protecting and expanding civic space, deepening participation of communities, and policy innovations being progressed in OGP countries. We will also celebrate the reformers behind them, some who continue working in very challenging contexts. This event will also see the launch of the Civic Space Peer Learning Network to engage a global coalition of governments and civil society reformers as well as mobilize support to safeguard everyone’s democratic right to participate meaningfully in public life.

Opening Fireside chat
* Aidan Eyakuze 
* Aruna Roy
* Samantha Power

Global trends on space for civil society  
* Lysa John
* Bang, Jung Kyun
* Darren Walker 
* Isabel Erreguerena 
*Jeffrey Schlagenhauf

Republic of Korea Video

Spotlight on country action: challenges and pushback 
* Lysa John
* Doug Rutzen 
* Elisa Peter
* Adrián Alcalá Méndez
* Rommy Mom 
* Sarah Castell
* Kweon, Ohyeon

OGP Impact Award Winner Video

Closing Address
* Mark Malloch-Brown