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Busan, spearheading the future by promoting the health and happiness of citizens

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Aging-in-Place city supporting citizen’s return to normal life


About the reform

An elderly-friendly and happy city supporting all citizens

More than half of the elderly (57.6%) said ""I want to spend the rest of my life where I used to live even if it’s uncomfortable."" → Busan was the first city among the biggest eight cities in Korea to become a “Super-aged Society"". The city will be promoting regionally customized programs so that not only the elderly but also other residents from various groups can establish a care safety net in the region and enjoy their lives in their beloved village. → A renewed Busan is a vital city ensuring the happiness of the elderly and supporting all citizens by implementing various projects such as establishing elderly-friendly villages, expanding alternative family projects, providing housing safety support for the elderly, outreaching medical bus service, and Habitat of Busan.

Contactless Diabetes Class

Contactless diabetes class, ‘Lowering Hyperglycemia, Promoting Healthy Life’ Health care programs for patients with chronic diseases have become more important with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. → Online diabetes classes will be provided to the marginalized who are not familiar with contactless technology to teach them, help them with exercising and preparing the right food for patients.

Two-way walkthrough screening booth!

Hyper-speed ‘two-way walkthrough screening booth’ from Busan becoming a global standard. While dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, one public health center official came up with the idea of a ‘two-way walkthrough screening booth’ and the idea was realized with the cooperation with a local business. → The booth dramatically reduced the waiting time for testing and the risk of infection and elevated the international status of K-quarantine when it was chosen as the new standard for walk-in screening stations.