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World-renowned open data, the key of the Digital New Deal

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Promoted releaseing open data and use for the public and businesses through national core data, business matching, youth data internship program, and cooperation with relevant organizations ※ Exemplary cases of utilizing open data, interviews with organizations and businesses participating in business matching, interviews with organizations implementing youth internship programs, card news, etc.


About the reform

Free and open data for everyone

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety release all open data collected and managed by central and local governments, and public institutions. → Open data is available on the open data portal. (The portal provides highly accessible data in various ways such as recommended data/data fact-check/open API, etc.)

Realizing values and creating business through open data

Open data is being used to resolve social issues and create new businesses. → COVID-19 vaccination data available on Naver and Daum portals are based on open data! Even frequently used weather, bus, metro, real estate applications are based on open data!

Korea’s world-renowned open data

Korea is a leading country in the global open data sector ranking 1st in OECD's Open Data Assessment for three consecutive years. → The Korean government is implementing various policies to increase data utilization and connectivity such as data quality control and standardization, youth data internship program, open data curation, start-up competition, and 'Open Square-D'.

Open data, easily accessible to everyone

Open data from 750 public institutions are available on the open data portal (data.go.kr) to anyone for free. One can easily find necessary data and search relevant information through the national data map service.

Open Square-D, a comprehensive data support center for startups

""Open Square-D"" in 6 regions (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Gangwon-do Province) helps business activities for startups and pre-entrepreneurs! - Provides one-stop support from starting and growing a business to making inroads into the overseas market